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The 940-479 exchange applies to phone numbers in the town of PONDER from the state of TX. The 940-479 exchange is serviced by Embarq/western Operations (ks Mn Mo Ne Nv Or Tx Wa Wy) and is a Land Line exchange.

To learn more about the 940-479 region, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PONDER

The three numbers after the area code are commonly referred to as the NXX - short for Central Office (exchange) code. Often considered part of a subscriber number. The three-digit Central Office codes are assigned to a specific CO serving its customers, but may be physically dispersed by redirection, or forwarding to mobile operators and other services. To learn more about how the telephone numbering system works in the USA, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/479

The term exchange area can be used to refer to an area served by a particular switch, but is typically known as a wire center in the US telecommunications industry. The exchange area is usually the combination of the area code and the NXX. The exchange code or Central Office Code refers to the first three digits of the local number (NXX). It is sometimes confused with the area code (NPA).

Details about area code 940 for exchange 479

Exchange Information

Phone Number: 940-479
Phone Company: Embarq/western Operations (ks Mn Mo Ne Nv Or Tx Wa Wy)
Phone Type: Land Line
Switch: Pondtxxars0
Call location: Ponder (TX)
Zone: Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (Metropolitan)
Zip Code: 76259


Metro Area Population: 4909523
State Name: Texas (TX)
County Name: Denton
County Population: 584238

Location Points
Latitude 33.185512926859
Longitude -97.288774674661

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Valerie Remonte at 9404790025Jake Holiday at 9404790027Stacy Fruth at 9404790036Julie Nunn at 9404790041Julie Nunn at 9404790041Ronald Compton at 9404790045Ronald Compton at 9404790045Wayla Lyles at 9404790048Marion Watson at 9404790056Jennifer Bartleson at 9404790060Sylena Mixon at 9404790062Jeffrey Specht at 9404790077Robly Hill at 9404790082Linda Miller at 9404790086Amy Turner at 9404790089Stacey Ludlum at 9404790125William Biesterfeld at 9404790137Taylor Mark at 9404790140Lynn Malhiot at 9404790141Donna Goodman at 9404790155Janet Deussen at 9404790163Janet Deussen at 9404790163Deussen Janet at 9404790163Janet Deussen at 9404790163Craig Snider at 9404790166Christopher Null at 9404790169Buck william William at 9404790177Shannon Pennington at 9404790179Ross Biggerstaff at 9404790188Maria Altieri at 9404790188Justin Morris at 9404790216A. Samuel at 9404790218Ann Jankuski at 9404790223Rusty Willard at 9404790227J. Moore at 9404790232Korey Silknitter at 9404790238Lisa Moore at 9404790239Kevin King at 9404790259Irene Sandell at 9404790271Teri Wall at 9404790273Ronald Pollard at 9404790280Lyndon Walker at 9404790284Justin Null at 9404790287Lee ann Cannon at 9404790292Boxell Jay at 9404790296Louise Rippentrop at 9404790301Larry Pockrus at 9404790309Ladonna Pockrus at 9404790309Isaac Dutson at 9404790347Kathy Reed at 9404790347Teresa Felderhoff at 9404790362Teri Cooper at 9404790364Teri Cooper at 9404790364Rhonda England at 9404790382Wes England at 9404790382Cindy Vaughan at 9404790385Stacy Colwick at 9404790390Ronnie Colwick at 9404790390Maranda Colwick at 9404790390David Decker at 9404790392Julie Romo at 9404790402Justin Flores at 9404790442Tina Chadwick at 9404790446Roy Lawhon at 9404790458Aurora Delira at 9404790460Terri Cage at 9404790465John Scholl at 9404790473James Hupp at 9404790480Valerie Samuelson at 9404790481Jason Samuelson at 9404790481Dale Cain at 9404790497Matt Hickman at 9404790508Kelli Hemker at 9404790513Evans Apryl at 9404790526Scott Genthner at 9404790528Anne Dickens at 9404790539Cynthia Alamia at 9404790552Karen Geitner at 9404790552Karen Geitner at 9404790552Marguerite Fruge at 9404790553Lawrence Barger at 9404790561Lawrence Barger at 9404790561Sherri Carrillo at 9404790563Marcos Valenzuela at 9404790599Pat Dillehay at 9404790600Tyler Deussen at 9404790607Chris Cantrell at 9404790627Nestor Ramirez at 9404790677Jason Stanley at 9404790680Lori Adcox at 9404790684Jennifer Wright at 9404790689Ewell Nettles at 9404791000Sam Xyzpdq at 9404791825Jamie Orr at 9404792002Sheryl Mccain at 9404792021Sheryl Mccain at 9404792021Adalogo.com Null at 9404792026Nick Miller at 9404792029Adolfo Alvare at 9404792031Katina Houston at 9404792043David Brewer at 9404792044Marshall Caudill at 9404792047Marshall Holland at 9404792063Luz De los santos at 9404792070Monica Foster at 9404792079Monica Foster at 9404792079Johnna Kline at 9404792099Debie Julian at 9404792102Julie Julian at 9404792102Diana Mccraw at 9404792105Debby Stanley at 9404792108Gary Haltom at 9404792113Kimberly Easter at 9404792116Paul Meister at 9404792119Vicky Dewell at 9404792120James Oliver at 9404792124Carolyn Rimmer at 9404792131Miranda Barber at 9404792139Max Mcginnis at 9404792142Steven Binn at 9404792146Heather Hicks at 9404792152Charles Null at 9404792157Tim Williams at 9404792177Chad Sanders at 9404792183Linda Tieman at 9404792197Michele Helfrich at 9404792203Laura Hearn at 9404792207James Brooks at 9404792207Billy Canderson at 9404792208Ross dave 9404790214 at 9404792221Dan Taylor at 9404792229Matthew Zonker at 9404792243Brian Wright at 9404792250Sheri Porter at 9404792256Mary Benson at 9404792267Nola Smith at 9404792270Juanita Hernandez at 9404792281Joe Vetromile at 9404792288Joel Garza at 9404792295Hershel Vanover at 9404792302Larry Richter at 9404792317Alan Schluter at 9404792368Parr Mary at 9404792382Jessamy Manning at 9404792383Kelley Low at 9404792386Todd Voxland at 9404792398Vanessa Powers at 9404792403Paula Smelley at 9404792415Paula Smelley at 9404792415Danny Barron at 9404792427Billie Porter at 9404792442Kelsi Mcdaniel at 9404792458Julianna Kwiatkowski at 9404792459Erica Kwiatkowski at 9404792459Katheryn Maple at 9404792470Connie Maple at 9404792470Sarah Maple at 9404792470Jennifer Quy at 9404792473Brandi Claiborne at 9404792478Skeeter Batterton at 9404792490Patricia Faber at 9404792507Terri Neace at 9404792511Rick Davis at 9404792517Mildred Byrd at 9404792528R. Shoemate at 9404792529Glenda Kraus at 9404792534Ralph Gorman at 9404792545Ralph Gorman at 9404792545Bradley Miller at 9404792553Helen Geariety at 9404792554Shawna Mullins at 9404792561Joyce Gravelle at 9404792569Joyce Gravelle at 9404792569Robert Kibler at 9404792571Marlene Rutledge at 9404792576Haywood Massey at 9404792577Virge Isaacs at 9404792600Marijane Mcconoughey at 9404792606Marijane Mcconoughey at 9404792606Willard Rusty at 9404792627Carol Moore at 9404792628Kohl Jim at 9404792636Tyler Deussen at 9404792636Floyd Taylor at 9404792645Newman Angie at 9404792657Janell Daleske at 9404792678Elsie Poon at 9404792698Dorothy Burke at 9404792698Michael Fruge at 9404792710Susan Fruge at 9404792710Syracuses italian sausage co 9404792700 at 9404792715Ruby Mcchristian at 9404792721Kenneth Bivins at 9404792721Kenneth Grammer at 9404792723Katheyt Gibbs at 9404792723Travis Bobby at 9404792732Peggy Lee at 9404792754Jeronimo Silva at 9404792757Smith Teresa at 9404792758Michelle Bagdonas at 9404792759Jerome Kol at 9404792767Jerome Kol at 9404792767Donald Howell at 9404792775Carrieann Read at 9404792776Sprint press; inc. 9404792725 at 9404792777Tyler brandon Null at 9404792787Wayne Hensley at 9404792787Todd pettit Null at 9404792787Nancy Sanka at 9404792792Mark Reyman at 9404792796Jami Wright at 9404792809Jeremy Wright at 9404792809Linda Wilson at 9404792819Charles Suyat at 9404792832Jayne Hudson at 9404792845Joseph Santo at 9404792850Eric Hall at 9404792859Carol French at 9404792871Kent Josselet at 9404792874Linda Starks at 9404792880Lee Lyles at 9404792893Shelby Lafrance at 9404792910Paul Loyd at 9404792944Zelda Loyd at 9404792944Susan Weimer at 9404792948Randy Shoemate at 9404792966Pat Paige at 9404795424Jerry Powers at 9404797923Beverly Berry at 9404797927Teresa Brown at 9404797927David Scott at 9404797928Sandra Morman at 9404797981Sandra Morman at 9404798109Billy Bragg at 9404798114Loreta Mitchell at 9404798115Mitchell kennith Kennith at 9404798115Jacob Shoemate at 9404798117Vista manufacturing inc 9404792787 at 9404798139Sharon Stagner at 9404798146Victoria Bartel at 9404798148Lisa Dotterer at 9404798151Veronica Portillo at 9404798154Michelle Talarico at 9404798155Tori Null at 9404798170Leslie Buckley at 9404798179James Sims at 9404798186James Sims at 9404798186James Sims at 9404798186Amber Kenney at 9404799000Danielle Abston at 9404799086Stevens Melinda at 9404799099Tracy Roach at 9404799108Robert Sillaway at 9404799143Robert Sillaway at 9404799143Monica Fabela at 9404799152Ernie Rider at 9404799176Sarah Collins at 9404799191Amanda Carroll at 9404799219Junior Shelton at 9404799230Ruth Stanton at 9404799251Melba Spears at 9404799276