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The 409-949 exchange applies to phone numbers in the town of TEXAS CITY-LA MARQUE from the state of TX. The 409-949 exchange is serviced by At&t Southwest and is a Land Line exchange.

To learn more about the 409-949 region, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TEXAS CITY-LA MARQUE

The three numbers after the area code are commonly referred to as the NXX - short for Central Office (exchange) code. Often considered part of a subscriber number. The three-digit Central Office codes are assigned to a specific CO serving its customers, but may be physically dispersed by redirection, or forwarding to mobile operators and other services. To learn more about how the telephone numbering system works in the USA, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/949

The term exchange area can be used to refer to an area served by a particular switch, but is typically known as a wire center in the US telecommunications industry. The exchange area is usually the combination of the area code and the NXX. The exchange code or Central Office Code refers to the first three digits of the local number (NXX). It is sometimes confused with the area code (NPA).

Complaints filed for numbers in 409949 from Texas City, TX

    • 409-949_-1568
    • They hung up on me too, i have reported to the do not call list and talked to the phone company. The phone company sayes theres nothing we can do about it.  They said we can file a complaint we the fcc,. but still  wouldn't help. Thats a poor excuse for a phone company ( ATT).
    • 409-949_-1568
    • They call me all the time at home and on my cell...  I wish they would stop.  I tried talking to someone live and asked to have my name removed and they just hang up on me.
    • 409-949_-1568
    • Just called my cell.. I had missed the call. Tried to call back but said was disconnected.
    • 409-949_-1568
    • All the same as listed above (Last chance, Credit Card Offer, special rate... I pressed 1 and got Brad. I said my cell number was on the Do Not Call List and the line went dead. Where it the "policing"of do not call?
    • 409-949_-1568
    • We too put our phone #'s on a DO NOT CALL LIST and its suppose to be good for 5 years then you do the process all over again but it doesn't seem to work.
    • 409-949_-1568
    • I'm thinking now ....that the do not call list does not work.....when this number call me they did not leave a message......do not call list is a joke.....
    • 409-949_-1568
    • Received call from this number to my cell at 2:34 EST. I am on the Do Not Call list.
    • 409-949_-1568
    • No matter how many times I tell these people to remove me from their list, and no matter how many times I file a complaint at www.donotcall.gov they still keep calling.
    • 409-949_-1568
    • Received cell call.  Listened to the auto-voice msg.  "Press 3 to be reoved".  caller hung up prior to pressing 3.  So tempted to press 1 to talk toa 'friendly agent' but figured it would cost $1,000 per minute,
    • 409-949_-1568
    • RoboCall received on cell phone. Message about credit card interest for over $4,000 in debt, select 1 to talk to rep or 3 to remove from list. When 3 was selected call disconnected.  Also my cell is on do not call list!
    • 409-949_-1568
    • received call on cell phone- didn't answer, returned call but said number not working
    • 409-949_-1568
    • Called me on my cell.  Something about my credit cards.  Automated call.  No company name on the caller id and I didn't stay on long enough to hear who/what it was.
    • 409-949_-1568
    • Rec'd a call at this number 10:20 Pacific time, hung up when I answered

Details about area code 409 for exchange 949

Exchange Information

Phone Number: 409-949
Phone Company: At&t Southwest
Phone Type: Land Line
Switch: Txcytxtcds0
Call location: Texas City-la Marque (TX)
Zone: Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land (Metropolitan)
Zip Code: 77590


Metro Area Population: 4493741
State Name: Texas (TX)
County Name: Galveston
County Population: 283551

Location Points
Latitude 29.389273858798
Longitude -94.899366476645

Phone listings for every number in the 409-949 Texas City, TX area!

Joe Skipper at 4099490649Michael Shofner at 4099490912Digna Martinez at 4099490954Judy kay Miller at 4099493898Martha Jaramillo at 4099494027Craig Peterson at 4099494031Ronald Ross at 4099494035Veronica Anzaldua at 4099494036Reginald Davenport at 4099494049Reginald Davenport at 4099494049Juan Hernandez at 4099494068Virgie Frank at 4099494069John Eliaz at 4099494070Itaduh Olga at 4099494070Kim Cuellar at 4099494070Isabel Martinez at 4099494099Mary Baker at 4099494122Mary Baker at 4099494122Jennifer Clewis at 4099494122Sylvester Jenkins at 4099494126Brandie Johnson at 4099494171Terry Bellard at 4099494208Raynika Wright at 4099494218Kevin Mannie at 4099494222Rhonda Arnold at 4099494222Rhonda Arnold at 4099494222Rhonda Arnold at 4099494222Zina Simmons at 4099494231Nicole Okpuisi at 4099494231Oshaunna Griffin at 4099494250Patricia Falcon at 4099494269Ciabattoni Debbie at 4099494296Walter Wilson at 4099494297Phyllis Anderson at 4099494315Shahara Anderson at 4099494315Phyllis Anderson at 4099494315Travis Graff at 4099494333Rhonda Allen at 4099494340David Current at 4099494359Lisa Molina at 4099494359Lisa Molina at 4099494359John Auker at 4099494378Katrina Roney at 4099494388Daryl Kimbrell at 4099494407Jose c. quiros 4099494413 at 4099494413Debbie Elfstrom at 4099494435Kathleen Slagley at 4099494443Hunter Reader at 4099494449Sherry Velasquez at 4099494452Vaden Tulley at 4099494457Zoa Castro at 4099494462Carlyle Cuthbert at 4099494477Laurie Drew at 4099494493Juanita Burnett at 4099494495Michael Merrell at 4099494552Samantha Krenek at 4099494580Butch Feigle at 4099494609Malak Singh at 4099494727Ward Ian at 4099494729V. Higgins at 4099494772Gulf coast provider services 4099494815 at 4099494815Michael Fisher at 4099494822Leslie Siek at 4099494840Leslie Siek at 4099494840Michele Kennedy at 4099494853Freddie Gandy at 4099494858Gandy Lois at 4099494858Laura Trebilcock at 4099494887Jeana Trebilcock at 4099494887Jack Strange at 4099494891Lyle Messinger at 4099494895Paul Allison at 4099494944Diego Cantu at 4099494965Geneva Felton at 4099494990Betty joyce Hutson at 4099494990Thomas Maye at 4099494997Gomez Family at 4099495555Marie Shows at 4099498778Geneva Felton at 4099499005Mary Felton at 4099499005Angelica Garza at 4099499010Sharon Mcgehee at 4099499021Garcia Vicky at 4099499023Allen Smith at 4099499030Rodney Spivey at 4099499039Sherrie Alvarez at 4099499045Robert Monroe at 4099499049Lester Stewart at 4099499049Lester Stewart at 4099499049Kendra Allison at 4099499055Melendez Sylvia at 4099499055Melissa Carter at 4099499069Lisa Maxwell at 4099499072Emilio Filoteo at 4099499091Victoria Lowrey at 4099499112Carol Armstrong at 4099499125Jimmie Parish at 4099499137Kerri Premo at 4099499141Mandy Whitley at 4099499159Adrian Sherwood at 4099499160Sonya Cheek at 4099499162Sonya Cheek at 4099499162Dezrick Robinson at 4099499171Lashaundra Thompson at 4099499182Dannjelique Hall at 4099499198Miriam Lewis at 4099499210Sessalie Premo at 4099499212Lettie Hudson at 4099499212Vicky Armstrong at 4099499215Daniel Day at 4099499222Daniel Day at 4099499222Jennifer Lambright at 4099499280Helen Shelton at 4099499282Rodolfo Sauceda at 4099499283Rodolfo Sauceda at 4099499283Roman Ramirez at 4099499294Yolanda Ramirez at 4099499294Lisa Bucks at 4099499303Kevin Tholen at 4099499305Bubbles Tate at 4099499305Roy Ramirez at 4099499322Roy Ramirez at 4099499322Bobbie Cooper at 4099499333Travel escapes inc. Robert at 4099499366Maria Tademy at 4099499373John Smith at 4099499383Sharis Jones at 4099499396Shawn Wood at 4099499399Alycia Rodriguez at 4099499402Kenneth Gerami at 4099499413Kenneth Gerami at 4099499413Geoff Earls at 4099499426Larry Klein at 4099499426Carla Gibbins at 4099499427Linda Howard at 4099499427Rene Hathcock at 4099499428Rene Hathcock at 4099499428Karyn Goebel at 4099499440Leah Preslar at 4099499494Stephanie Kneip at 4099499500Stephanie Kneip at 4099499500Penny Husher at 4099499506Valerie Pemberton at 4099499516James Arthur at 4099499554Robert Turner at 4099499563Matthew Chollett at 4099499565Nathan Ratzlaff at 4099499565James Chollett at 4099499565Matthew Chollett at 4099499565Thomas Pace at 4099499565Matthew Chollett at 4099499565Ira Bacon at 4099499568Sherry Black at 4099499575Justin Relford at 4099499584Roy Robinson at 4099499587Lourdes Fernandez at 4099499589Lillian Pepin at 4099499599Metreyeon Terry at 4099499611Aaron Vickers at 4099499661Rachel Allaze at 4099499669Tracy Sandoval at 4099499670Tracy Sandoval at 4099499670Tracy Sandoval at 4099499670Charles Leary at 4099499677Patricia Esparza at 4099499694Alexa Alvarez at 4099499722Kristi Scott at 4099499772Ocie Heider at 4099499774Kari Prewitt at 4099499779Jimmie Tolden at 4099499792Lillian Mc mullen at 4099499797William Minesinger at 4099499802Arnulfo Arratia at 4099499818Thomas Richert at 4099499821Trent Marguerite at 4099499838Jim Tortorici at 4099499890Terry Robinson at 4099499892Sheneka Amos at 4099499902Domingo Delossantos at 4099499928Jamellah Freeman at 4099499942Jamellah Freeman at 4099499942Sandra Bliss at 4099499947Mike Bentley at 4099499973Richard Cahanap at 4099499975