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The 409-941 exchange applies to phone numbers in the town of TEXAS CITY-LA MARQUE from the state of TX. The 409-941 exchange is serviced by At&t Southwest and is a Land Line exchange.

To learn more about the 409-941 region, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TEXAS CITY-LA MARQUE

The three numbers after the area code are commonly referred to as the NXX - short for Central Office (exchange) code. Often considered part of a subscriber number. The three-digit Central Office codes are assigned to a specific CO serving its customers, but may be physically dispersed by redirection, or forwarding to mobile operators and other services. To learn more about how the telephone numbering system works in the USA, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/941

The term exchange area can be used to refer to an area served by a particular switch, but is typically known as a wire center in the US telecommunications industry. The exchange area is usually the combination of the area code and the NXX. The exchange code or Central Office Code refers to the first three digits of the local number (NXX). It is sometimes confused with the area code (NPA).

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Details about area code 409 for exchange 941

Exchange Information

Phone Number: 409-941
Phone Company: At&t Southwest
Phone Type: Land Line
Switch: Txcytxtcds0
Call location: Texas City-la Marque (TX)
Zone: Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land (Metropolitan)
Zip Code: 77590


Metro Area Population: 4493741
State Name: Texas (TX)
County Name: Galveston
County Population: 283551

Location Points
Latitude 29.389273858798
Longitude -94.899366476645

Phone listings for every number in the 409-941 Texas City, TX area!

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