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The 409-750 exchange applies to phone numbers in the town of GALVESTON from the state of TX. The 409-750 exchange is serviced by At&t Southwest and is a Land Line exchange.

To learn more about the 409-750 region, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GALVESTON

The three numbers after the area code are commonly referred to as the NXX - short for Central Office (exchange) code. Often considered part of a subscriber number. The three-digit Central Office codes are assigned to a specific CO serving its customers, but may be physically dispersed by redirection, or forwarding to mobile operators and other services. To learn more about how the telephone numbering system works in the USA, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/750

The term exchange area can be used to refer to an area served by a particular switch, but is typically known as a wire center in the US telecommunications industry. The exchange area is usually the combination of the area code and the NXX. The exchange code or Central Office Code refers to the first three digits of the local number (NXX). It is sometimes confused with the area code (NPA).

Complaints filed for numbers in 409750 from Galveston-southfield, TX

    • 409-750_-8013
    • received call this morning, 5/18 at 9:30am. Answered,but no one was there. Showed up on caller i.d. as out of area
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Saw this number on my caller ID. Did not leave a message. Called at 2 p.m. ET.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • I just got a call from this number caller id said Texas...no on answered when I said hello..twice....5/17  3:42 pm
    • 409-750_-8013
    • I just got a call from this number, and nobody answered. Tried to call back, and it was busy,  Is under the name of Teresha Dillon, from Galveston, Tx. Please dont even bother to answer to people unknown to you. Thanks.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Ha ha Now that's funny!  Thanks for the laugh.  I got the call and ignored it as I do anybody who calls and leaves no msg. Don't you answer that 'special' call.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • File a complaint at http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm?sid=&, id=d1e37. Maybe if enough of us do that, they'll put a stop to this.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • I just received a call from this number and the caller ID showed a Scott Mixon.  It only rang 2 times.  So many calls from so many different numbers lately.  I don't answer any of them.  If it is important or they need to talk to me they can leave a message.  That's why God created Voice Mail.  Does the Do Not Call list actually work?   Are these companies or people ever fined?  They should be fined and put in jail for 20 years.  I bet their one call will be to me.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • My caller id said Mixon Scott, it rang twice and when I picked up got the dial-tone.  Waste of time and energy!!
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Call from this number at 2:50 EDT.  Caller id said:  Mixon Scott.  Answered it but line was dead.  First time a call has come from this number or listed this rather odd name.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • No one answered on other end when I picked up.  I attempted to call number back and said out of service.  What a country we are becoming where marketing companies can hide when you call them, but disturb your family whenever they want.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Bogus BS call that's just attempting to see if you answer, but there is no one on the other end.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Caller did not leave message.  Person is unknown to me.  I'd recommend not answering unfamiliar calls.  If it is important.  They should be leaving a message.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Called at 9:00 am Pacific time today, I didn't take it, and they didn't leave any message.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • This is a motivational speaker. I received a call after I signed up for his seminar here in my city.
    • 409-750_-8013
    • Caller ID display "Texas Call". When called back repeatedly get a fasy busy signal.
    • 409-750_-7053
    • Called and asked "Is this Doug?" I said Yes They said thank you for your time. and then hung up. Really weird

Details about area code 409 for exchange 750

Exchange Information

Phone Number: 409-750
Phone Company: At&t Southwest
Phone Type: Land Line
Switch: Gltntxsods0
Call location: Galveston (TX)
Zone: Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land (Metropolitan)
Zip Code: 77550


Metro Area Population: 4493741
State Name: Texas (TX)
County Name: Galveston
County Population: 283551

Location Points
Latitude 29.29741839537
Longitude -94.790201361273

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Weir at 4097501801Marc Macrini at 4097501849Shannon Rottinghaus at 4097501895Laurie Fenimore at 4097501955Laurie Fenimore at 4097501955Leet Leet at 4097501966Jonte James at 4097502020Lynnette Luper at 4097502108Shynea Santana at 4097502127Fernanda Vergara at 4097502153Rachel Dudek at 4097502169Robert Newton at 4097502201Robin Null at 4097502228Sheila King at 4097502289Terri Null at 4097502382Erika Ramirez at 4097502424Elisabeth Rodriguez at 4097502457Jamie Brooks at 4097502486Cherrl Mcneese at 4097502535Robin Null at 4097502538Jim Bandy at 4097502540Randy Rojas at 4097502542Alejandra Terrazas at 4097502559Hector Montoya at 4097502561Jacob Johnson at 4097502571Mriam Martinez at 4097502591Dan Oneil at 4097502599Lydia Thomas at 4097502600Sheryl Charles at 4097502600Sheryl Charles at 4097502600Phillip Thomas at 4097502600Hayden Wars at 4097502616Itzel Hernandez at 4097502659Laura Salas at 4097502683Stephen Salas at 4097502683Stephen Salas at 4097502683Katherine Branch at 4097502737Gary Boatright at 4097502744Deanna Bryan at 4097502767Angela Bryan at 4097502767Tiffany Mott at 4097502790John Sollis at 4097502829Kevin Kennison at 4097502853Sharon Graham at 4097502855Darrell Robinso at 4097502861Joy Cockerell at 4097502889Justin Benard at 4097502905Sue Reese at 4097502934Lemuel Chaney at 4097502944Samantha Ramirez at 4097502984Jacqueline Williams at 4097503104Linda Lam at 4097503144Patricia Johnson at 4097503162Lashaundra Butler at 4097503216Josh Maples at 4097503244Paula Robinson at 4097503270Melissa Griggs at 4097503291Muriel Nelson at 4097503394Jeff Sallie at 4097503400Sharon Rosaire at 4097503415Thomasene Muse at 4097503454Null Null at 4097503476Pete Lowe at 4097503487Le airre Morris at 4097503492Mary Glowinski at 4097503498Colton Martin at 4097503498John Smith at 4097503535Roland Dressler at 4097503688James Mack at 4097503719Floyd Hunter at 4097503737Heather Guthrie at 4097503905Dominique Hutton at 4097503957Christopher Moore at 4097505014Gary Belcer at 4097505017Dominque Green at 4097505019Gina Terrazas at 4097505025Liliana Fuentes at 4097505090Cleveland Washington at 4097505275Vic Lewis at 4097505393Acquanetta Craft at 4097505400Travis Arbelius at 4097505470Debbie Mcdonald at 4097505607Martha Simpson at 4097505617Ronald Taylor at 4097505621John Chappell at 4097505803Kristy Walls at 4097505887Jacob Null at 4097506010Larissa Martinez at 4097506069John Taylor at 4097506077Susan Kelley at 4097506077Debbie Kethan at 4097506098Joseph Harris at 4097506106Joseph Harris at 4097506106Wendy Thrasher at 4097506150Jim Douglas at 4097506281Jim Douglas at 4097506281Caroline Moore at 4097506322Dwana Norris at 4097506342Rhozine Perez at 4097506405Tammy Howlett at 4097506625Kaylee Hennigan at 4097506749Tiffany Pines at 4097506858Joyce Holman at 4097507405William Gomez at 4097508006Erica Puentes at 4097508035Shibohn Smith at 4097508037Darrell Simpson at 4097508059Mia Alcazar at 4097508076Kathy Whatley at 4097508080Shakella Steen-woods at 4097508088Doris Benitez at 4097508090Luis Hernandez at 4097508092Lori Arness at 4097508114Janice Kiraly at 4097508155Judy Sanders at 4097508166Lewis Crawford at 4097508191Lewis Crawford at 4097508191Marc Laws at 4097508217Marc Laws at 4097508217Tamisha Anderson at 4097508218Steve Macklem at 4097508234Nancy Leivas at 4097508249Flowers Jamalo at 4097508249Jamall Williams at 4097508249Stewart Lori at 4097508268Reynaldo Delacruz at 4097508275Randy Klemmer at 4097508289Ivana Ellas at 4097508293Sylvia gonzales Null at 4097508305Nicole Hauck at 4097508351Mamie Richardson at 4097508401Vanessa Guidry at 4097508401Zobeida Cruz at 4097508403Philip Brown at 4097508411Crystal Escalona at 4097508419Robert Wolfe at 4097508444Larry Durand at 4097508455Ernest Durand at 4097508455Alice Thagard at 4097508464Omar Morning at 4097508543Tony Bero at 4097508555Wolfgang Maret at 4097508587Parsons William at 4097508629Candi Loura at 4097508738Robert Wolfe at 4097508738Rosie Chappell at 4097508781George Gegechkori at 4097508801Pj Heckman at 4097508802Michael Hennen at 4097508817Anthony King at 4097508824Lindsey Bennett at 4097508876Julia Traina at 4097508877Krystal James at 4097508984Tanisha Williams at 4097508996Ritchey Neil at 4097509011Kim Sweeny at 4097509014Fabricio Frattini at 4097509014Jackie Allen at 4097509016Jordan Vargas at 4097509025Laurence Deguzman at 4097509042Niaesha Johnson at 4097509047Shane Matthews at 4097509047Jimmie Bujnoch at 4097509083Janie Puentes at 4097509084Susan Vaughan at 4097509087Susan Vaughan at 4097509087Kevin Gonzales at 4097509094Onyema Nwadiei at 4097509095Patrick Scott at 4097509109Keisha Ross at 4097509122Keeley Brown at 4097509141Sharlena Bautista at 4097509172Jackie Brahm at 4097509176Melanie Travers at 4097509176Michael Brougham at 4097509193Mary ellen Denmon at 4097509212Maggie Collomore at 4097509219Maggie Collomore at 4097509219Art Cummngs at 4097509224Kim Harris at 4097509226Allana Laday at 4097509238Allana Laday at 4097509238Rodrick Matthews at 4097509247Amanda Dunkel at 4097509289Jordan Booth at 4097509301Destine Trevino at 4097509316Sarah Heckler at 4097509336Terrie Hanson at 4097509336Yolanda Ramos at 4097509371Yolanda Ramos at 4097509371Marilyn Schultz at 4097509376Saundra Simmons at 4097509386James Luchak at 4097509393Chris S. at 4097509394S Chan at 4097509395Piyushkumar Bhakta at 4097509400Roshone Pitre at 4097509440Kenda Josselet at 4097509442Karla Pena at 4097509459Jon Vance at 4097509464Wright Marshall at 4097509467Miroslava Bustamante at 4097509476May Mitchell at 4097509480Ricardo Morelos at 4097509499Brian Shaff at 4097509505Jaqueline Ceasar at 4097509510Allen David at 4097509518Gwen Allen at 4097509518Warren Hughes at 4097509538Michael Lamb at 4097509555Lindsey Godlove at 4097509585Leonora Simmons at 4097509599Jessica Richardson at 4097509607Eunice Shinette at 4097509613John Shinette at 4097509613Roxanna Klahn at 4097509646Catrena Hughes at 4097509647Linda Gonzales-rains at 4097509654Kelly Mericle at 4097509680Lynne Springer at 4097509686Sandra Wilson at 4097509687Capitol estate services Null at 4097509711Dantin Eddie at 4097509718Darlene Altamirano at 4097509753Velita Walker at 4097509797Brandon Fields at 4097509803Brandon Fields at 4097509803Brandon Fields at 4097509803Katrina Briones at 4097509847Judy Garcia at 4097509848Judy Garcia at 4097509848Judy Garcia at 4097509848Judy Garcia at 4097509848Christopher Curling at 4097509860Deepaben Patel at 4097509860Mary ann Crody at 4097509870Mary ann Crody at 4097509870Hao Fang at 4097509898Ronnie Johnson at 4097509931Robert Flores at 4097509945Willie b Wynne jr at 4097509947Virginia Adams at 4097509950Katherine Kiamar at 4097509952Katherine Kiamar at 4097509952Monica Powell at 4097509953Ladeatra Holiday at 4097509979Morris Snelson at 4097509979Nikki Crouch at 4097509982Karin Sewell at 4097509990Glenn Youts at 4097509993