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The 301-863 exchange applies to phone numbers in the town of LEXINGTON PARK-GREAT from the state of MD. The 301-863 exchange is serviced by Verizon Maryland and is a Land Line exchange.

To learn more about the 301-863 region, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEXINGTON PARK-GREAT

The three numbers after the area code are commonly referred to as the NXX - short for Central Office (exchange) code. Often considered part of a subscriber number. The three-digit Central Office codes are assigned to a specific CO serving its customers, but may be physically dispersed by redirection, or forwarding to mobile operators and other services. To learn more about how the telephone numbering system works in the USA, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/863

The term exchange area can be used to refer to an area served by a particular switch, but is typically known as a wire center in the US telecommunications industry. The exchange area is usually the combination of the area code and the NXX. The exchange code or Central Office Code refers to the first three digits of the local number (NXX). It is sometimes confused with the area code (NPA).

Complaints filed for numbers in 301863 from Lexington Park, MD

    • 301-863_-6662
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Details about area code 301 for exchange 863

Exchange Information

Phone Number: 301-863
Phone Company: Verizon Maryland
Phone Type: Land Line
Switch: Lxpkmdlxds0
Call location: Lexington Park-great (MD)
Zone: Lexington Park (Micropolitan)
Zip Code: 20653


Metro Area:
Metro Area Population:
State Name: Maryland (MD)
County Name: St. Mary's
County Population: 98854

Location Points
Latitude 38.239615687828
Longitude -76.492433442434

Phone listings for every number in the 301-863 Lexington Park, MD area!

Liz Oakley at 3018630001Diann Thompson at 3018630014Jeff Beall at 3018630024Mary Fuller at 3018630025Kimberly West at 3018630044Lara Krug at 3018630048Tasha Evans at 3018630049Jon Lore at 3018630073James Weiers at 3018630095Nina Johnson at 3018630110Nancy Clarkson at 3018630112Nancy Clarkson at 3018630112Nancy Clarkson at 3018630112Tammy Strong at 3018630129Samantha Campbell at 3018630151Catherine Miller at 3018630161Jeremy Heveron at 3018630167Kierra Hebb at 3018630176Madeleine Staskiewicz at 3018630177Michael Williamson at 3018630181Mandi Bernazzani at 3018630200Kyu Kyu at 3018630208Wood Mary at 3018630216Mary Wood at 3018630216Tandi Blake at 3018630217Cheryl Sidney at 3018630225Emogene Metcalf at 3018630228John Mcleod at 3018630229Margarita Gardner at 3018630236Lewis Ronald at 3018630281Leonard Ferris at 3018630300Jay Lilly at 3018630300Paul Fenton at 3018630300Erica Drinks at 3018630308Ing Ashley at 3018630321Ashleigh Harlow at 3018630326Theresa Fenhagen at 3018630333Kimberly Phillips at 3018630338Jennifer Bosworth at 3018630360Jay Hoffman at 3018630361Mindy Bowen at 3018630362Katie Harmon at 3018630375Nancy Bush at 3018630377Yolanda Rivera at 3018630390Williams Richard at 3018630395Mildred Coryerdhu at 3018630396Mildred c. Coryer-dhu at 3018630396Bubba Myers at 3018630397Jonathan Soto at 3018630414Carley Jimmy at 3018630414Gail Stapanon at 3018630426Rayj Barnes at 3018630429Ray j Barnes at 3018630429James Morrell at 3018630437Michael Yeldell at 3018630438Kristina Gorban at 3018630457Monica Langford at 3018630457Monica Langford at 3018630457Libby Burnette at 3018630462Jayda Jones at 3018630464John s Shaver jr at 3018630473Johnson Jack at 3018630484Jainarine Singh at 3018630508Jainarine Singh at 3018630508Logan Yolanda at 3018630530Greg Morgan at 3018630555David Ansalvish at 3018630558David Ansalvish at 3018630558Amanda Roemer at 3018630560Amanda Roemer at 3018630560Roxanne White-williams at 3018630563Sheila Dean at 3018630570Sheila Null at 3018630570Samantha Baddley at 3018630574Stephanie Badger at 3018630588Stephanie Badger at 3018630588Teresa Jones at 3018630684Liz Archer at 3018630833Sherida Thomas at 3018631030Theresa Chase at 3018631030Theresa Messner at 3018631063Shaunte Edwards at 3018631065John Hanson at 3018631073Jason Morland at 3018631082Jackson Wingate at 3018631089Bonnel Valerie at 3018631099Ray Eiser at 3018631100John Smith at 3018631100John Smith at 3018631100Tynisa Hicks at 3018631110Kenyada Jones at 3018631135Ronald Galentine at 3018631137Susan Hyde at 3018631155William Sutton at 3018631155William Sutton at 3018631155Susan Hyde at 3018631155Ian Montana at 3018631159Larna Sagun at 3018631174Scott Marcos at 3018631212Mary Hebb at 3018631213Jonathan Garlington at 3018631238Donna Lacey at 3018631244Rebecca Horner at 3018631249Rebecca Horner at 3018631249Stan Zwolinski at 3018631281Robert Gaston at 3018631286Stamatina Zachary at 3018631287Stamatina Zachary at 3018631287Wendy Downs at 3018631291Alexander Ronnie at 3018631320Wayne Mozzo at 3018631331Stephen Shiell at 3018631355Shelisha Miles at 3018631363Venus Caburnay at 3018631371Wallace Broomfield at 3018631519Eric Gust at 3018631569Kelvin Briones at 3018631600Jerald Howe at 3018631600Laurie Debrabander at 3018631600Laurie Lee at 3018631600Mark Mueller at 3018631600Larry Koppelburger at 3018631600Jerald Howe at 3018631600John Kold at 3018631600Julie Burgan at 3018631600Jim Morris at 3018631600Mike Elliot at 3018631600Larry Koppelburger at 3018631600Laurie Mueller at 3018631600Laura Stalker at 3018631600Patty Vernon-rusher at 3018631600Wayne Abell at 3018631600Jeff Hawks at 3018631600Jeff Spicuzza at 3018631600Jake Layer at 3018631600Laurie Mueller at 3018631600Rob Elder at 3018631600Laurie Debrabander at 3018631600Laurie Lee at 3018631600Laura Stalker at 3018631600Robert Bryner at 3018631600Rita Kewer at 3018631600Robert Mudd at 3018631600Jeff Hawks at 3018631600Jake Layer at 3018631600Jim Morris at 3018631600Jennifer Normyle at 3018631600Jennifer Normyle at 3018631600Jeff Spicuzza at 3018631600Lisa Thompson at 3018631600Paul Schneck at 3018631600Tracy Hutchins at 3018631600James Callis at 3018631815Tiaiara Ball at 3018631828Matthew Campbell at 3018631831Larry Hockenberry at 3018631833Wilcox Jack at 3018631853Taylor Monte at 3018631958William Callis at 3018631977Terrance Mcdonald at 3018631983Johnny Hogg at 3018631983Paul Meinecke at 3018631988Paul Meinecke at 3018631988Terrance Mcdonald at 3018631997Tamara Thompson at 3018632002Rick Bell at 3018632008Terence Elum at 3018632014Wayne Grigsby at 3018632017Brenda Hammett at 3018632021William Mccarthy at 3018632023Shawnese Taylor at 3018632027Vicky Robinson at 3018632027Clifford Rhinehart ii at 3018632028Jason Seely at 3018632031Jason Seely at 3018632032Stan Kwasniak at 3018632042Michael Kwasniak at 3018632042Maria Rutherford at 3018632047Patricia Campbell at 3018632059Jacob Jones at 3018632064Beatrice Whitehead at 3018632077Michelle Parker at 3018632121Park hall Null at 3018632132Missy Brooks at 3018632138Laprea Bryant at 3018632154Linda Shaklee at 3018632162Quinita Ennis at 3018632164Laura Probert at 3018632181Marlon Rather at 3018632185Julie Knight at 3018632209Pete Ganzer at 3018632209Ted Harring at 3018632209Fuck you Fuyckj you at 3018632213Anteon corp 84 sherman st # 3 at 3018632218Rilla Hammett at 3018632222Ian Somerville at 3018632224Ward Allison at 3018632225Jerica Hardin at 3018632235William Gaines at 3018632242Melinda Gaines at 3018632242Gary Normandin at 3018632243June Castro at 3018632250Heather Robertson at 3018632254Heather Robertson at 3018632254Heather Robertson at 3018632254Rico Stephen at 3018632255Richard Brasko at 3018632263Bonnie Barrett at 3018632265Jill Finnecy at 3018632269Jill Martin at 3018632269Taron Harris at 3018632271Le Robinson at 3018632280Patricia Albertsen at 3018632282Jane Wise at 3018632290Richard Obannion at 3018632292Richard Obannion at 3018632292Adelle Pierce at 3018632300Guy Curley at 3018632320N. Skipworth at 3018632326Jane Bull at 3018632337Bob Baloon at 3018632343Fenwick Bill at 3018632343Susan Paul at 3018632345Jennifer Adams at 3018632362Jennifer Adams at 3018632362Christopher Mcgrady at 3018632375Christopher Mcgrady at 3018632375Rachel Bentley at 3018632378Brian Drapp at 3018632388Jon Brown at 3018632389Terry Heineman at 3018632389Dawn Weaver at 3018632390Spectrumsciences Hewins at 3018632400Obrien realty Null at 3018632400Michael Obrien at 3018632400Patrick Dugan at 3018632400Obrien realty Null at 3018632400Steve Wachter at 3018632400Mickey mcshan Null at 3018632400Wellman Clark at 3018632411Wellman Clark at 3018632411Raymond Lee west at 3018632444Lynda Johnson at 3018632453Timothy Ruddick at 3018632453Ann Manis at 3018632468Roy Burtis at 3018632471Roy Burtis at 3018632471Tricia Burtis at 3018632471Todd Smith at 3018632493Todd Smith at 3018632493Mary Shubrooks at 3018632500Dorothy Skok at 3018632511Davena Davis at 3018632521Rebecca Tayman at 3018632526Iesha Patterson at 3018632559Jones Deborah at 3018632565Ashlee Forehand at 3018632575Robert Caouette at 3018632583Allen Cohey at 3018632595Allen Cohey at 3018632595Pamela Bader at 3018632597Tim Wolfrum at 3018632612Angelica Durbin at 3018632616Traci Struck at 3018632628John Bimson at 3018632644John Bimson at 3018632644Kathleen Ford at 3018632652Sarlo Ignazio at 3018632659Ignazio Sarlo at 3018632659Patricia Abramowicz at 3018632660Bryan Jordan at 3018632670Sylvia Rivers at 3018632676Latasha Slade at 3018632679Richard Lang at 3018632710Richard Lang at 3018632710Richard Lang at 3018632710Richard Lang at 3018632710Josephine Duenas at 3018632714Duenas Josephine at 3018632714Mary Hansen at 3018632717Jessica Carbee at 3018632740Elaine Wagaman at 3018632753Michael Wagaman at 3018632753Mark Smith at 3018632756Jerome Hurt at 3018632770Mayra Camacho at 3018632787Beverly Lanham at 3018632788Joseph Gest at 3018632789Stacey Loftis at 3018632789Tammy Loftis at 3018632789James Hundley at 3018632800Mona Zandi at 3018632824Zandi Maggie at 3018632824Sheryl Tart at 3018632826Sheryl Tart at 3018632826Melissan Mart at 3018632834Shiela Risdon at 3018632851James Morris at 3018632874Corey Arias at 3018632880Tara Currie at 3018632883Faye Lore at 3018632892John Lore at 3018632892Judy Lewis at 3018632915Belinda Anderson at 3018632925Michael Torres at 3018632925Antonio Bowen at 3018632927Wilberto Flores at 3018632935Harold Levin at 3018632941Kimberly Kimble at 3018632948Howard Griffith at 3018632969Elisha Bush at 3018632972Elisha Bush at 3018632972Elisha Bush at 3018632972Matt Simmons at 3018632974Michael Obrien at 3018632984Sim Sean at 3018632988Samuel Taylor at 3018632988Joanne Mankowski at 3018632999Thomas Roschell at 3018633018Cynthia Thomas at 3018633018John Watts at 3018633033Tara Fenhagen at 3018633033Theresa Fenhagen at 3018633033Tara Fenhagen at 3018633033James Bonomo at 3018633055Krystal Kidwell at 3018633099Quade Miller at 3018633223Quade Miller at 3018633223Quade Miller at 3018633223Gregory 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3018633797Tammie Boyle at 3018633820Jason Tiede at 3018633828Ernest Wallace at 3018633835Ernest Wallace at 3018633835Carol A smith at 3018633843T Smith at 3018633868Shellnice Hudson at 3018633883Patricia Preller at 3018633886Rebecca King at 3018633899Stephen Huffman at 3018633902Angela Oakes at 3018633912Marko Baysinger at 3018633919Matthew Baysinger at 3018633919Paul Croisetiere at 3018633928Tiffany Greer at 3018633967Jeannette Sabo at 3018633974Joe Martinez at 3018634001Tom Hunt at 3018634031Ridge elementary school 3014724600 at 3018634072Laura Null at 3018634081John Hazuda at 3018634095Maria Goretti at 3018634095Lisa Thompson at 3018634200Melissa Pykosz at 3018634200Julie Randall at 3018634200Michael Brown at 3018634200Jeffrey Hawks at 3018634200Richard Fleming at 3018634200Patricia Vernon-rusher at 3018634200Wayne Ablle at 3018634200Wilma Murrow at 3018634250Vivona Vicky at 3018634273Mary Wallace at 3018634412James Wheeler jr at 3018634509Shavonda Thomas at 3018634524Evelyn Brock 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3018634896Friend Mellott at 3018634939Tarpley Bridgette at 3018634950Robert Tarpley at 3018634950Jose Alberty at 3018634951Sharita Davis at 3018634959Sharita Davis at 3018634959Claudia Barrera at 3018634961James Caruso at 3018635000Robert Barthelmes at 3018635007Ron Connelly at 3018635015Pipkin Bill at 3018635022Lisa Loikith at 3018635023Jessica Lee at 3018635025Mary Moore at 3018635041Asim Sherwani at 3018635052Jeffery Smith at 3018635054Jean Thomas at 3018635065Jean Thomas at 3018635065Jaquaya Wiggs at 3018635066Shadaron Odom at 3018635072Dale Rose at 3018635077Nick Dottellis at 3018635078Paul R snow at 3018635078Paul R snow at 3018635078Paul R snow at 3018635078Paul R snow at 3018635078Philip Brennan at 3018635088William Roche at 3018635090William Dunkin at 3018635090John Jackson at 3018635090Jeffrey Smallwood at 3018635090John Renner at 3018635090Joe Caruso at 3018635090Linda Evans at 3018635090Margaret Margle at 3018635090Ronnie Null at 3018635090Thomas Brown at 3018635090John 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