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The 301-824 exchange applies to phone numbers in the town of SMITHSBURG from the state of MD. The 301-824 exchange is serviced by Verizon Maryland and is a Land Line exchange.

To learn more about the 301-824 region, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMITHSBURG

The three numbers after the area code are commonly referred to as the NXX - short for Central Office (exchange) code. Often considered part of a subscriber number. The three-digit Central Office codes are assigned to a specific CO serving its customers, but may be physically dispersed by redirection, or forwarding to mobile operators and other services. To learn more about how the telephone numbering system works in the USA, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Numbering_Plan or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/824

The term exchange area can be used to refer to an area served by a particular switch, but is typically known as a wire center in the US telecommunications industry. The exchange area is usually the combination of the area code and the NXX. The exchange code or Central Office Code refers to the first three digits of the local number (NXX). It is sometimes confused with the area code (NPA).

Complaints filed for numbers in 301824 from Smithsburg, MD

    • 301-824_-3512
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    • 301-824_-2229
    • Called to ask if I still wanted to receive "The Word Among Us," a religious magazine.
    • 301-824_-2229
    • Has called twice. Have not picked up.  No message left. Must still be at it!
    • 301-824_-2229
    • Called two times in a row one day.  I did not pick up either time.  No voicemail left.

Details about area code 301 for exchange 824

Exchange Information

Phone Number: 301-824
Phone Company: Verizon Maryland
Phone Type: Land Line
Switch: Smbgmdsmrs0
Call location: Smithsburg (MD)
Zone: Hagerstown-Martinsburg (Metropolitan)
Zip Code: 21783


Metro Area Population: 7359044
State Name: Maryland (MD)
County Name: Washington
County Population: 143748

Location Points
Latitude 39.650926228577
Longitude -77.576034840748

Phone listings for every number in the 301-824 Smithsburg, MD area!

Cristen Mccracken at 3018240000Kevin welch Welch at 3018240018Jennifer Davis at 3018240465Miriam Gerry at 3018241007Kaylena Martin at 3018241013Ron Brayton at 3018241017Randy Suter at 3018241031Bradley Roberts at 3018241035Diana Roberts at 3018241045John Titus at 3018241048Mark Harrell at 3018241050Steve Wolfe at 3018241132Mary Cline at 3018241144Mary Smith at 3018241167Leonard Jornlin at 3018241181Krista Stuller at 3018241962Preschous Foster at 3018241965Jeffrey Wolfe at 3018241973Kenneth Shankle at 3018241974Jo-ann Shankle at 3018241974Roberta Nave at 3018242003Peter Hommel at 3018242012Meghan Neumann at 3018242017Landon Anderson at 3018242017Meghan Neumann at 3018242017Meghan Neumann at 3018242017James Harshman at 3018242018Michelle Scott at 3018242023Kershner Susan at 3018242025Sheila Metzel at 3018242034Jason Knight at 3018242046Tom Winowiecki at 3018242057Johanna Neal at 3018242065Terry Rodgers at 3018242071Sharon Ruppenthal at 3018242071Lynsay David at 3018242094Richard Verdier at 3018242096Susan Stottlemyer at 3018242098Danny Clevenger at 3018242119Ivy lou Buhrman at 3018242134Kate Grahl at 3018242156Richard Huntzberry at 3018242162Harold Williams at 3018242165Henry Senz at 3018242182Robin mckenzie Mckenzie at 3018242216Patricia Kline at 3018242223Martin Nestares at 3018242226Marcelo Nestares at 3018242226James Prech at 3018242227Susan Mclaren at 3018242236Susie Miller at 3018242238Susie Miller at 3018242238Susie Miller at 3018242238Katie Oller at 3018242250Katie Oller at 3018242250Katie Oller at 3018242250Shon Deboise at 3018242251Jerry Correces at 3018242251Christie Cooper at 3018242252Mike Thorpe at 3018242254Holly Boxer at 3018242254Jay Black at 3018242274Albert Huntzberry at 3018242290Kathleen Bono at 3018242302Patricia Slater at 3018242306Patricia Slater at 3018242306Roger Fiery at 3018242312Tracie Friend at 3018242315Lauren Greenwood at 3018242346Daniel Carrera at 3018242355Margaret Flick at 3018242364Don Galla at 3018242370Tim Bates at 3018242373Daniel Bates at 3018242373Bates Daniel at 3018242373Daniel Bates at 3018242373Susan Gift at 3018242376M. Leather at 3018242380Jeffery Ingram at 3018242397Robert Todt at 3018242399Jamee Todt at 3018242399Corey Dunahugh at 3018242401Erica Dunahugh at 3018242401Kelly Lachapelle at 3018242410Matty Sow at 3018242417Susan Lapole at 3018242420Lacey Weaver at 3018242420Dawn Wisz at 3018242420Lynelle Nomura at 3018242428Randy Nomura at 3018242428Marnita Bowman at 3018242429Nathan Fisher at 3018242430Jessica Carter at 3018242431Maggie Flores at 3018242432Eric Morton at 3018242432Rob Embly at 3018242436Lakisha Cardwell at 3018242440Leonard Cardwell at 3018242440Sharon Blickenstaff at 3018242446Sharon Blickenstaff at 3018242446Sharon Blickenstaff at 3018242446Sharon Blickenstaff at 3018242446Sharon Blickenstaff at 3018242446Denton Jacques at 3018242450Denton Jacques at 3018242450Lisa Singh at 3018242452Miranda Dickey at 3018242453Neal Jerrell at 3018242457Tyra House at 3018242475Walter Bromley at 3018242485Walter E ridenour at 3018242501Walter Ridenour at 3018242501Tony Smith at 3018242507Dorothy Carder at 3018242509Dorothy Carder at 3018242509Dorothy Carder at 3018242509Tami Snyder at 3018242512Tami Snyder at 3018242512Tina Hedelson at 3018242512Tami Snyder at 3018242512Furajter jr Terry at 3018242530Jennifer Johnson at 3018242534Josh Mose at 3018242535Heather Pressel at 3018242537Dottie Ridenour at 3018242537Michelle Miller-thorpe at 3018242537Gaylen Burton at 3018242539Rovshan Shafiyev at 3018242539Laura Lafleur at 3018242552Joyce Thompson at 3018242558Tawanna Kettoman at 3018242572Tawanna Kettoman at 3018242572Wharton Matt at 3018242575Robert Frey at 3018242588Mary Stottlemyer at 3018242595Donald Eichelberger at 3018242597Kyle Schellenberg at 3018242601Renata Purcell at 3018242605Katherin Mackley at 3018242607Linda Reeder at 3018242608Linda Reeder at 3018242608Glenn Wolfe at 3018242609Stephanie Vogel at 3018242622Penelope Bohn at 3018242625Adam Maginnis at 3018242629Tim Garrett at 3018242631Ronald Benson jr at 3018242639Paul Hovis at 3018242651Paul Hovis at 3018242651Thomas Ayers at 3018242654Keon Billins at 3018242671Renee Breeden at 3018242684Renee Breeden at 3018242684Ashley Smith at 3018242685Douglas Bachtell at 3018242688Tanner Bachtell at 3018242688Sarah Lafianza at 3018242709Joan Shank at 3018242711Kathleen Dewease at 3018242712Toni Barnhart at 3018242733Jessica Minnick at 3018242740Jessica Minnick at 3018242740Jessica Minnick at 3018242740Joshua Swope at 3018242745Josh Swope at 3018242745Shannon Schianelli at 3018242749Joseph Mate at 3018242751Joseph Mate at 3018242751S Gardenhour at 3018242755S Gardenhour at 3018242755Drew Nalley at 3018242759Kenneth Gillaspy at 3018242772Lewis Persons at 3018242777Linda Miller at 3018242778Lillian Gibson at 3018242781Grace Hauver at 3018242782Jennifferr Wiswell at 3018242786R. Verdier at 3018242792Helen Thomasson at 3018242808Michael Simane at 3018242817Simane Mike at 3018242817Katie Mosteller at 3018242823Katie Mosteller at 3018242823Bert Kramer at 3018242840Elanor Jones at 3018242842Elanor Jones at 3018242842Lloyd Hanlin at 3018242844Michael Baliff at 3018242850Ernest Ferrara at 3018242857Wilson Greenwood at 3018242864Rhonda Smith at 3018242867Rhonda Smith at 3018242867Thorhauer John at 3018242881Roberto Arellano at 3018242891Roberto Arellano at 3018242891Sebrenna Smith at 3018242904William Wiles at 3018242905Mechele Ford at 3018242908Jared Wilt at 3018242909Joyce Flanary at 3018242910Marnita Bowman at 3018242911Marnita Bowman at 3018242911Marnita Bowman at 3018242911Timothy Mitchell at 3018242916Smith Jaci at 3018242971Jenny Knipe at 3018242976Ernest Clopper at 3018242977James Hunter at 3018242991Laura Stouffer at 3018242995Sandra Smith at 3018243009David Wagner at 3018243032Erika Mong at 3018243037Michelle Mong at 3018243037Kenneth Graber at 3018243044Laura Croft at 3018243045Alan Hurry at 3018243051Laura Croft at 3018243054Patrick Haller at 3018243058Robin Macdonald at 3018243058Larry Kendall at 3018243069Larry Kendall at 3018243069Joseph Warner at 3018243075Joyce Lefebure at 3018243084Victoria Nash at 3018243100Natalie Nash at 3018243100Joe Milazzo at 3018243102Glen Ledbetter at 3018243110Jeanetta Kretzer at 3018243113Richard Bachtell at 3018243114Gary E koontz at 3018243120Sandy Striplin at 3018243127Karen Bromley at 3018243137Maty Sow at 3018243142Teena Bowers at 3018243146James Parks at 3018243157Rose Gamblin at 3018243162Karen Martin at 3018243166Karen Martin at 3018243166Karen Martin at 3018243166Kelli Martin at 3018243166Loosle Jeni at 3018243174Christopher Harper at 3018243178James Mckinnon at 3018243207Snow Kody at 3018243208Kody Snow at 3018243208Austin Morton at 3018243227Austin Morton at 3018243227Sharon Peiffer at 3018243229Elizabeth Rodriguez at 3018243230Harshman Sharon at 3018243235Jayson Harbort at 3018243236Karan Kendall at 3018243236Karan Kendall at 3018243236Leslie Stover at 3018243245Bikle manufacturing Bikle at 3018243247Brenda Covell at 3018243257Brenda Covell at 3018243257Kenneth Adams ii at 3018243268Michael Nix at 3018243290Michael Nix at 3018243290Patricia Nix at 3018243290Michael Nix at 3018243290Michael Nix at 3018243290Patsy Harne at 3018243300Patsy Harne at 3018243304Carrie Harne at 3018243304Jason Laughton at 3018243323John Goldstein at 3018243331Tammy Donahoe at 3018243344Jhone Hailegeorgies at 3018243356Jean Harries at 3018243358Kimberly Sneckenberger at 3018243359Massoud Alizadeh at 3018243364Richard Jurik at 3018243367Tara Landis at 3018243368Tara Landis at 3018243368Tara Landis at 3018243368Tara Landis at 3018243368Tara Landis at 3018243368Michael Markle at 3018243376Michael Markle at 3018243376Mark Appenzellar at 3018243379Richard Heffner at 3018243388Richard Heffner at 3018243388Todd Mccunn at 3018243389Oden James at 3018243393Sadia Shafi at 3018243403Victor Kahl at 3018243418Nicole Mong at 3018243421Plum Brooke at 3018243430Burkett Cynthia at 3018243448Teresa Myers at 3018243458Rebecca Sudkamp at 3018243468Lyndsie Delosier at 3018243479Monica Mullens at 3018243479Roy Null at 3018243504Sherrie Diehl at 3018243511J Schupp at 3018243530Kristen Schupp at 3018243530J. 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3018246214Lori Ahrens at 3018246216Erik mapes Mapes at 3018246239Lindsey Daniels at 3018246239Stephanie Daniels at 3018246239Scott Plank at 3018246251Scott Plank at 3018246251Scott Plank at 3018246251Galla Laura at 3018246254Michael Griffin at 3018246258Palm Mary at 3018246268Shane Anderson at 3018246269Karen Elmore at 3018246274Thais Haller at 3018246325Kathy Hughes at 3018246328Janette Miller at 3018246346Valenzuela David at 3018246348Angela Mccleaf at 3018246349Sam Cool at 3018246353Michael Mcdermott at 3018246363Michael Barnhart at 3018246371Martha Grahl at 3018246377Timothy Keller at 3018246380Julie Foster at 3018246398Julie Foster at 3018246398Johnson Jeremy at 3018246405Lelia Cacciola at 3018246409Adam Simons at 3018246413Jeffrey Harner at 3018246415Jeffrey Harner at 3018246415Karl Wagner at 3018246416Cheryl Dietrich at 3018246427Karen Bobbitt at 3018246433Paul Willard at 3018246439Pamela Sweitzer at 3018246461Patricia Mcferren at 3018246462Melissa Gregory at 3018246463Melissa 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