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The 867 area code applies to phone numbers from the state of Northwest Territories. To learn more about the 867 area code, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_code_867

Area codes were introduced in the United States by the Bell Systems, in 1947. The first direct dial long distance phone call occurred in 1951.

Area codes are also known as Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs) and formerly known as STD codes in the UK. These are necessary (for the most part) only when dialed from outside the code area, from mobile phones, and (especially within North America) from within overlay plans.

Area codes usually indicate geographical areas within one country that are covered by perhaps hundreds of telephone exchanges, although the correlation to geographical area is becoming obsolete.

The area code is usually preceded in the dial string by either the national access code ("0" for many countries, "1" in USA and Canada) or the international access code and country code.

Area code 867 for the state of Northwest Territories

Phone NumberStateCarrierLine TypeWire Center
867-206-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineTrout Lake
867-211-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-222-0000NUNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessWhitehorse
867-252-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineResolute
867-266-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineSanikiluaq
867-311-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-332-0000YTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessWhitehorse
867-333-0000YTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessFt Nelson
867-334-0000YTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessFt Nelson
867-335-0000YTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessWhitehorse
867-360-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineGjoa Haven
867-370-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineLutselk'e
867-371-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineEdzo
867-390-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineTeslin
867-392-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineRae
867-393-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineWhitehorse
867-394-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineFt Resolution
867-396-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineUlukhaktok
867-399-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineTagish
867-411-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-436-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineNanisivik
867-439-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineArctic Bay
867-444-0000NTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessFt Nelson
867-445-0000NTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessFt Nelson
867-446-0000NTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessYellowknife
867-455-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWhitehorse
867-456-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWhitehorse
867-462-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineRepulse Bay
867-473-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LinePangnirtung
867-511-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-536-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWatson Lake
867-537-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LinePelly Crossing
867-555-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-561-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineTaloyoak
867-573-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWha Ti
867-580-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LinePaulatuk
867-581-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineWrigley
867-587-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineNorman Wells
867-588-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineTulita
867-589-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineDeline
867-598-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineFt Good Hope
867-602-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineNahanni Butte
867-611-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-620-0000NTBELL CELLULAR INCWirelessInuvik
867-621-0000NTBELL CELLULAR INCWirelessFt Smith
867-633-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWhitehorse
867-634-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineHaines Junction
867-645-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineRankin Inlet
867-660-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineJudas Creek-marshall
867-667-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineWhitehorse
867-668-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineWhitehorse
867-669-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineYellowknife
867-678-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineInuvik
867-690-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineSachs Harbour
867-695-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineFt Simpson
867-699-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineFt Providence
867-709-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineColville Lake
867-711-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-713-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWekweti
867-765-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineYellowknife
867-766-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineYellowknife
867-767-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineYellowknife
867-769-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineKugaaruk
867-770-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineFt Liard
867-777-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineInuvik
867-793-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineBaker Lake
867-809-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineJean Marie River
867-811-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-821-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineCarcross
867-825-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineKakisa Lake
867-841-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineDestruction Bay
867-851-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineSwift River
867-857-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineArviat
867-862-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineBeaver Creek
867-863-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineCarmacks
867-870-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineFt Smith
867-872-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineFt Smith
867-873-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineYellowknife
867-874-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineHay River
867-875-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineHay River
867-876-0000NTNORTHWESTEL MOBILITY INCWirelessHay River
867-880-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineEkati
867-896-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineWhale Cove
867-897-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineCape Dorset
867-898-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineChesterfield Inlet
867-899-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LinePond Inlet
867-911-0000YTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-920-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineYellowknife
867-924-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineClyde River
867-925-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineCoral Harbour
867-927-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineQikiqtarjuaq
867-928-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineHall Beach
867-934-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineIgloolik
867-939-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineKimmirut
867-952-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineFt Mcpherson
867-953-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineTsiigehtchic
867-958-0000NTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-959-0000NTMULTIPLE OCN LISTINGLand LineOdd Ball
867-966-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineOld Crow
867-969-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineRoss River
867-975-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineIqaluit
867-977-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineTuktoyaktuk
867-978-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineAklavik
867-979-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineIqaluit
867-980-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineGrise Fiord
867-982-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineKugluktuk
867-983-0000NUNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineCambridge Bay
867-984-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineEnterprise
867-993-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineDawson City
867-994-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineFaro
867-995-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineWhitehorse
867-996-0000YTNORTHWESTEL INCMixed Wireless and Land LineMayo
867-997-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineGameti
867-999-0000NTNORTHWESTEL INCLand LineOdd Ball